Buying a Rental Property In Ottawa

Are you ready to invest in a rental property? Taking this step towards financial freedom through an investment property is exhilarating! At Ottawa Mortgage Market, we can help you to find the perfect mortgage that works with your needs.

Financing a second property comes with special requirements. Fortunately, our team has years of experience navigating the investment property financing market and can make it as easy as possible.

Ottawa Mortgage Market brokers will work hand in hand with you to sort out all the details and outline flexible solutions for your specific situation. We have access to a wide variety of lenders who want your business.


At Ottawa Mortgage Market, we can help you with:

  • Fixed, variable and adjustable-rate mortgage options
  • Finding the most competitive rates
  • Extended amortizations for greater payment flexibility
  • Give you up to 80% Loan-To-Value (LTV) when purchasing or refinancing your rental property
  • No application fees
  • Experienced and knowledgeable advice

Mortgaging a rental property comes with a few more hurdles than a conventional mortgage does. In general, if you have a 20% down payment along with good income and good credit, it should be relatively straightforward to qualify for a 30-year amortization. This can help you to lower your monthly payments, freeing up cash flow.

Some lenders may also require you to have a minimum net worth when applying for a mortgage on a rental property, but not all. At Ottawa Mortgage Market, we can help you to determine your best options and our experience with each lender will allow us to quickly find the right lending institution for your situation. We can answer all your questions and we’ll take care of the details for you.

When you trust Ottawa Mortgage Market to help make your rental property dreams come true, you’re in great hands. Contact us today to get started!