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Renovations That Pay Off: Best Spring Projects for Home Value Enhancement

April 25, 2024|

Springtime isn't just a period of blooming flowers and warmer weather; it's also the ideal season for homeowners to embark on renovation projects that not only enhance the enjoyment of their homes but also increase their market value. As a [...]

Building Your Dream Home: A Springtime Guide from Donna MacDonald, Mortgage Strategist

March 28, 2024|

Many of us start to dream about the possibilities that the new season brings. For some, that dream includes building their own home. I’m Donna MacDonald, a mortgage strategist with years of experience helping individuals navigate the financial aspects of [...]

Mortgage Commitment: When to Stick with Your Lender vs. When to Switch

February 16, 2024|

As we navigate the path of homeownership, the decision to renew our mortgage with the current lender or explore new horizons can be as pivotal as choosing the home itself. I'm Donna MacDonald, and through my years as a mortgage [...]

New Year’s Financial Resolutions: Setting and Achieving Your Money Goals for 2024

January 21, 2024|

As the New Year rolls in, many of us look forward to setting goals and embracing fresh starts, especially when it comes to our finances. Over my career, I've seen countless clients transform their financial situations with a little planning [...]

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