Own a Home, Even With Bruised Credit

While the big banks are unlikely to lend to a less-than-perfect applicant, mortgage professionals like Ottawa Mortgage Market have a variety of creative solutions to help you get financed.

There are many reasons why some people may have imperfect or “bruised” credit. Perhaps you’re dealing with a failed business bankruptcy, a messy divorce or an injury. All of these situations and plenty of others can impact your credit negatively, but this does not mean you cannot purchase a home.


We Can Help You to Overcome Bad Credit

Ottawa Mortgage Market can help you get back on track, and get the mortgage financing you need. We understand that every situation is unique, and our experienced team can help to develop a targeted solution that works for you. We’ve spent years helping clients navigate the world of alternative lending with exceptional results.

Initially, we can place your mortgage needs into the hands of alternative or private lenders. Private lenders are not restricted by all the constraints that more traditional lenders are. This gives them the flexibility to lend to people who might otherwise be out of options.

Securing financing with bruised credit works a little differently than a more straightforward mortgage situation. In the beginning, you should expect to pay higher rates and fees than what you often see advertised. After all, in the lender’s eyes, your situation comes with a higher risk. Regardless, this is a temporary situation that gets you into a home that you own and well on your way to turning a negative into a positive. Once you’ve secured the financing you need, we will help you to improve your credit, to rebuild it as quickly as possible.

We Are Experts At Mortgage Financing for Those With Bad Credit.


With our decades of combined experience, Ottawa Mortgage Market has seen it all. We know how to get you private mortgage financing, even while you are dealing with bruised credit. Trust our team to make things happen for you, starting you back on the right path to financial security. Call us today to get started!